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About the 皇冠365官方App

The Neuromarketing Science & Business Association is the global trade association and community for everyone with a professional interest in the field of neuromarketing.

皇冠365官方App mission

The core objective of the 皇冠365官方App is to support marketers and consumer insights professionals in:

  • learning about neuromarketing
  • meeting like-minded people
  • buying neuromarketing services


The 皇冠365官方App welcomes all those with a professional interest in the neuromarketing discipline, from marketers, consumer insights professionals, market researchers, academia, students, and neuromarketing vendors. In addition to exclusive discounts and promotional opportunities, members receive the neuromarketing yearbook and Insights Magazine – the only publication on consumer neuroscience in business.

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The 皇冠365官方App was established on the 2nd of February 2012 to promote the interesting and promising field of neuromarketing. Within less than a decade the 皇冠365官方App developed into an international neuromarketing community. 

The 皇冠365官方App was launched at the first Neuromarketing World Forum, February 2nd, 2012 in Amsterdam


Do you have questions about the 皇冠365官方App or about 皇冠365官方App membership? Check out the FAQ page or feel free to get in touch! Send us an email or call +31 (0)302745848.

Who is here to serve you?

Carla Nagel, Executive Director: "In 2011, I started looking for partners and speakers to organize the first Neuromarketing World Forum. Can you imagine that this resulted in the vivid international community we see today? Around 20.000 people from more than 90 countries are involved."

Femke van Zandvoort, Editor in Chief of Insights Magazine and the Neuromarketing Yearbook: “I'm happy with the huge neuromarketing community. People from all over the world share their latest neuro and behavioral insights to improve your marketing and communication. I coordinate the full publishing process, and come up with interesting topics and themes for our publications.”

Verona Schrijvers, Junior Project Manager: “I study Economic and Consumer psychology at the University of Leiden. But I also work for the 皇冠365官方App since 2018. I help with coordinating the conference logistics, like speaker submissions, but also update our website and I make sure that all our social media channels contain fresh insights.”

Sara Hoeflaken, Manager Sponsoring & Exhibition: “I work for the 皇冠365官方App since 2012 and help neuromarketing vendors grow their customer base. We have the best community of clients interested in neuromarketing. It is very rewarding to help in this match-making process.

Left to right: Carla, Femke, Verona & Sara